Spark*Kenya – join the tribe!

Spark* Kenya is seeking a rockstar Program Assistant! Someone with graphic design, basic copywriting and basic web development skills who is capable of creating brands, marketing collateral and simple square space websites for the entrepreneurs we support.

As our Program Assistant;

– You hate bureaucracy but you love systems. You are organised, and have a love for good processes!

– You are most likely to be a born and raised Kenyan. You understand your country, how things work and you are super passionate about seeing positive changes in Kenya. Spark* backs local leaders with local solutions, so our Kenya Program Assistant is going to play a powerful role along with the Country Manager if they can propose and eIf they have a deep understanding of the local context. execute on local solutions!

– You can organise a workshop for five days and nights with fifteen brilliant emerging impact entrepreneurs.

– You can organise half day meet-up events with 30-50 entrepreneurs, ecosystem players and would be entrepreneurs.

– You think local Changemakers rule. We believe passionately that local social entrepreneurs provide the best solutions to poverty, and you will love supporting the Spark* entrepreneurs as they grow their ventures.

– You are a player. Not in a bad way, but in an ‘I know lots of people and can connect Spark* Kenya to some amazing partners’ kind of way.

– You will be super consistent, reporting clearly and as much as needed to the Spark* Kenya Country Manager.

If you or someone you know would be a great fit, please apply below and/or share with your networks!

Download the full position description Here

What are you waiting for? Turn your passion into your career – apply today!

Please email with a CV and your electronic portfolio by September 1