Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Accelerator? 


– 30th July -4th August 2017 in Johannesburg

– November 2017 for our YHER AFRICA Accelerator for female entrepreneurs across the African continent who are supporting women and girls.


– 23rd-28th July 2017 in Nairobi

– November 2017 for our YHER AFRICA Accelerator for female entrepreneurs across the African continent who are supporting women and girls.


October 2017 in Dhaka (Exact dates TBD)


Accelerator: August-November 2017

Incubator: January-December 2018

Successful applicants will engage with Spark* for at least 1 year.

If I can’t make it to all of the days of the Accelerator can I still join Spark*? 

NO. The Accelerator is a crucial part of the Spark* experience.

What if I don’t live in the city where the Accelerator takes place?

You will be required to organise your own transport to the Accelerator venue. Once there, Spark* will cover your food and accommodation for the duration of the week. If you come from far and the travel costs are high, you may want to consider asking your family or community to sponsor a portion of your travel costs.

Is there a cost to attend the Spark* Accelerator Program?

No, there is no cost to attend. Thanks to our amazing donors and sponsors, we are able to provide you with five days of accommodation, food, transport and world class training as well as 12 months of ongoing support and connections at no cost to you.

Is this like other leadership summits? 

NO. The Accelerator is very hands on. The Spark* team only teach for around 20% of the week, leaving 80% of the accelerator to work and focus on your venture. Read more about the program curriculum and support you receive here.

What are my chances of being selected? 

Selection is very competitive. Usually one in ten applicants are successful.

Do Spark* entrepreneurs get paid? 

NO. You have the chance to attend the five day Accelerator, access the Spark* Support Network (including world class in-kind support and small rounds of grant funding) and access powerful connections to help you grow your impact. Spark* does not pay its entrepreneurs a salary.

What kinds of organisations do accept into the program? 

The stronger applications come from applicants who have launched a social enterprise (a venture that has a revenue stream and directs its profits to increasing social outcomes), a for-profit, for-impact (a company that makes profits but also creates social outcomes), or a hybrid non-profit (a charity that does not rely entirely on donations and grants).

If I applied in the past can I reapply?

Yes. Particularly if since last applying you have increased your impact, further developed the strategy and/or sustainability of your venture or are working on a new idea.

I don’t have access to the internet. How do I apply? 

Unfortunately having access to the internet is an important part of Spark* If you can access Facebook or email once a week that is fine.

The online application is not working. What should I do?

Please ensure you are accessing the site from a secure internet connection and allow time for the form to load if your connection is slow. You may also try accessing the form on another computer or handheld device. If you have tried these things and the form is still not loading, send us an email at and we will give you a form that you can email back to us.

I am not a local citizen or I am not living in the country. Can I still apply? 

NO. This opportunity is for local citizens of each country who intend to be living in or spending significant time in that country in 2016.

I am working full time. Can I still apply?

Yes. Many of our entrepreneurs are working full time for companies and organisations and run their projects on the side. You do need to ensure that you can attend the Accelerator for all five days however.

Do I need to volunteer for Spark*?

Your focus should always be on building up your venture. We may sometimes ask you to give back to the Spark* community as an advisor, mentor or facilitator.