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Spark* Bangladesh Program Assistant

An exciting opportunity to join our team in Bangladesh!

We are looking for a program assistant to join our team in Dhaka to support the CEO of Spark* Bangladesh.

We are looking for someone who can own the following roles:

  • You are most likely to be a Bangladeshi. You understand your country, how things work and you are super passionate about seeing positive changes in Bangladesh. Spark* backs local leaders with local solutions, so our Bangladeshi Program Assistant is going to play a powerful role along with the CEO if they can propose and execute on local solutions! 
  • You can organise a workshop for five days and nights with fifteen brilliant emerging  impact entrepreneurs.
  • You can organise half day meet-up events with 30-50 entrepreneurs, ecosystem players and would be entrepreneurs.
  • You are someone who backs up your words with action. You have worked with youth organisations or startups before and aware about the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh.
  • You think local Changemakers rule. We believe passionately that local social entrepreneurs provide the best solutions to poverty, and you will love supporting the Spark* entrepreneurs as they grow their ventures.
  • You are a player. Not in a bad way, but in an ‘I know lots of people and can connect Spark* Bangladesh to some amazing partners’ kind of way.
  • You hate bureaucracy but you love systems. You are organised, and have a love for good processes!
  • You will be super consistent, reporting clearly and as much as needed to the Spark* Bangladesh CEO.

If you or someone you know would be a great fit, please apply below and/or share with your networks!

Download the full position description here.

Please email Shazeeb@sparkinternational.org with a CV, a link to your Linkedin profile AND a cover letter explaining why you believe you would be a good fit for the role.